APS Electoric '95

APS Electrics 1995 March

It's No way to complain emvironment
Never mind ZEV mandate.
Have a fun first.

"We came from Japan. We are EV club"advertising ourselves. Another goal of EV school was race APS electrics, so dream had broken.
Ummm..this picture shows Japanese too much. I hate.
Highschool division qualify.
Number of the converted cars surprized me. And That it is Highschool made me more surprized. APS electrics beging held in Phenix, students were from west coast. How good educational opputunity they have. I hope the number of high school like Hanazono high. Kyoto ,Mr. Isozumi who is also EV school student teaches, will increase in Japan.
It comes to Education, Americans never forget education in the community. The first day qualify had held was " Educational day". Kids who learn in the elementary schools came there by school bus. Our lifes are supported by petroleum, their lifes will not maybe.
There was 2nd generation integra(DA). It losed balance, rear too heavy. I think it had too much under-steering, could not curve.
AC propulsion Civic. Like GM Impact it has batteries in the center tunel enlarged from normal form. And it trains generater for long range drive. They said generator was not need to drive from los Angeles, I don't know the truth.
University Specs'presentation ceremony.
University specs was Open wheel formula type class. Sounds good. I heard it bases formula ford, I think it is like fj1600 in Japan. So not so money need to built formula EV. I am a SAME university student, I envy.

Shiro Matsugara