FIA Electro-Solar Cup Suzuka EV race


Cosmo Oil Cup Solar-car race in Suzuka '96
EV Miata and EV stock class

It was very very Hot in Suzuka.
Last year it was and this year also.

8th to 11th August Suzuka Solar car race was held. And EV hand craft school 1st team came together at Suzuka. School 2nd team had their Lancer EV run from Tokyo to Suzuka because Lancer EV had registered to drive public roads. That reports uploaded in Japan EV News page.

EV Miata team had not so much things to do. Only we had done was changing 6 batteries that were not good.
This year's number was 92. Problem was where to put them on. Door has already had a cutted sheet, cutted letters "EV SPORTS", no space left for number sheet. Once putting off the "EV SPORTS" letters, we must make another sheet after the race. Rear fender had space left, but because of miata's small space we cannot put them on horizontally. Then the final way we putted them on front fender to door. Though we must cut the center of sheet, it's last way.
Mr.Inoue, EV Miata's driver (back) had advices from Mr.Mihori ,car journalist and EV club.
Best improvement is lightweight in the race. EV miata is already lightweight as an EV. So we had the only way to choose , this was light weight driver.
Mr.Inoue had driven Honda S600 in Suzuka circuit several times. We can trust his driving techniques. He said that the point to win this race was how to drive the first and second corner. If we have mistake in the first and second corner, we can never win this EV race.
After qualify, Miata got Pole-Position. Wow!
Taking a picture with Race girl. It was privilege of the Pole-Positon driver. This pretty girl was the member of "Cosmo Solar girls", name is Risa Kawakami. I guess their work is so hard because they must wear swimwear in front of people like us.
Yup, someone approaching.
Many "Creatures" gathered, and took pictures.
Mr.Tateuchi was there. This was her unfortunate work taking pictures with us EV school first.
Second grid, third grid....after qualify, waiting for green flag.
It seemed that exciting race could not be expected because of only FIVE RAP race on the suzuka's east course. I Couldn't believe FIVE RAP!
Don't fotget we are EV shool first team. EV Miata made it exciting, made it dramatic. I'll tell you, read following.
EV Miata on the main stretch.
Started from pole position, EV miata got slow accelerated. We cannot find the reason why miata got slow start, I doubt minor trouble maybe because miata got back the excellent condition after 2nd rap. 1st rap miata was lowest positon because of slow start, 2nd rap miata returned to 3rd position. Lancer,EV shool second team, was leading positon , second FTO,Mitsubishi team, and miata 3rd. This was why miata stroke out the firstest rap time , I mean EV stock class's course record.
But 3rd rap the destiny rap, miata spined out on the 2nd corner. We got lowest position Again. Then we had no time left to recover this mistake. Last rap we outruned one car, then the end. Other cars had position change scarcely. I say EV miata made the race exciting.
After the race, no honor platform but we proud.
Miata's driver Mr.Inoue and Auto columnist Mr.Mihori talking.
Result, 1st EV Lancer (EV school 2nd team), 2nd EV FTO (Mitsubishi team) , 3rd EV VW bug (Ez beetle team).
Miata is oldest EV among those EVs because it was converted 1994. But Miata showed good performance. I think batteries capacity can bear comparison with other EVs. And chassis is good also,designed light weight sport.


Shiro Matsugara