EV race in SUZUKA Circuit 95

COSMO Oil Solar car Race SUZUKA '95 and EV formula "DENKYOKU-II"


EV is made at night, works last to the night exactly. 1995 summer was too hot in Japan, it was good for EV it didn't rain not to get wet, people makeing EV had hard time.
He is the owner and the driver, pilot maybe, of the "DENKYOKU-II" EV formula. It was 2 days before the race. He looks so exhausted that he cannot keep smile. I doubted if he could drive.
Mr. Hoshizaki he is also the EV school student gave us the place to convert. Big thanks to Mr. Hoshizaki. So "DENKYOKU-II" from Hoshizaki Motorcar.
Formula's strip. How poor it is. I realized Space-Frame body means steel tubes weldment. Because it has minimum structure, we can learn car engineering easily. Steel "bookshelfs" were added side of the frame to load batteries.
"DENKYOKU-II" grid position. Great time!
Cowling had changed not so much from FJ1600 because time ran out. Now "DENKYOKU-II" has new cowling, Ms.Ishihara Maki she is also EV school student made after Suzuka race. It looks so changed that we will not be able to recognize "DENKYOKU-II" at Suzuka this year. Though the inside is same.
EV school 2nd's EV Lancer. It looks Lancer evolution model because of the wings,though it is Lancer sedan basic model inside.
What the difference between school 1st and 2nd. They had Race girls wearing swimwear, while we had not. They had sponsor for example financing company and magazine company, while we school 1st had sponcer M2 Mazda's subsidiary company that doesn't exist already. EV Lancer has registered to drive public road. There were so many difference, but "1st" is worth to be proud I think.


Shiro Matsugara