00 year Spring EV Test drive & first Comp


Test Drive & Party!

As is usual, at the first of this semester we had a test ride of our conversion electric vehicle. What we have done is not concern what we will do, but understanding of the past achievement is important when we will do something.
And we had a party to be friends each other. This is also as usual.


1997 first conversion of this research group named EV86 97e.
It should have license number because we had a project to get it for this EV. But even now it has no license number and project menber was graduated in this March.
Last year's conversion, 99e.
We have many problems with this vehicle. Reduction gear makes big noises and drive shafts clash against the body during suspension bump. So the target in this year is improvement.
Actually this car could run Suzuka circuit in the last Solar car race. That was a miracle.
Everybody drove 1.1 km in our campus as usual.
Then charging.
I remember that last year I got late to go to the party because of charging. Everybody was eating already. I felt a premonition,and... it would become..
deja vu.
Some who graduated this spring were there. And some people who will graduate in this autum. Our university have the semester system, so we can graduate March or August.
The killer character Aya came. She started to work from this spring, at the time only 2 weeks worker.
She complained working for a company gives her a lot of stress. I think people working with her feel more stress.
Young guy drinking.
Sometimes enforcement to drink alcohol makes problem. In Japan It is said that problem is senior students enforce freshman to drink much. Sometimes it becomes death alcohol.
So we should care about this alcohol harassment. But in this case, there was no harassment.
Near the entrance, I guess it was an academic atomosphere. Talking with professor is thought to be formal mood, actually it isn't.
Professor likes to drink.
And the other side of that table.
It is said that Dr. Omae talks with some kind of black humor. Punch line always has sting.
End of the party.
Young people went to post party Karaoke Party I heard.
Young people? I am in the university for 8 years, compared to them I am already an old man.


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