Ski tour 2000


Ski Tour 2000 in Appi

Feb 21-24, 2000

Winter has come.
This year we had joint plan to ski with graduate school students in Kaya RG. We had chance to stay at hotel in Appi at a low price, So we had long trip to Appi where is known for good aspirin snow. There it was.

On the approach route to Appi, Satoru who drove the car made his ski stick shorten because he dropped it on the road of metropolitan express way. Because everybody drove around our car tried to warn us to stop, they used high beam lights and genture. It must be the big spark when stick was dropped. We could have seen that scene.
Useful ski carrier for 4WD vehicle.
But remember ski stick can slip down. Ski is hold with binding fittings.
By the way, it was the first time that I got out the car in the express way.
In the rest area Nasu-kogen of Tohoku express way.
We had stopped there over 1 hour, long rest, it is important for drivers.
I know she can sleep even in the rear seat of Carolla coupe.
Passing though Mt.Iwate one of famous volcano, we got off Tohoku-Ex. way at Hachimantai I.C. On the express way, there was no snow on the road, but on the open road all snow coverage. If we had not have snow tire, we couldn't move at the time we got off the express way.
Got to the ski site.
Though there was big parking area, we should not play gymkhana on low rolling pavage. There was sentry.
After we got breakfast at dining room, then rock'n'roll!
From this picture, I wielded disposable camera. Low risk at the ski ground. It was reasonable.
At the first lift, what is the picture for?
In these pics, I mention she stopped the lift at first going up.
Be careful at the first time to go up.
Shiraki, on the orange wear, he borrowed brand-new snow board that his younger brother bought. In any country, big brother is in a high position.
Anyway he had never ridden this surfing on the snow. He had hard time after this picture to go down with this machine.
Honda he is southerner where is no snow.
Shiraki, Takasaki, and I made decission to get in on the snow board school. I had made a stubborn stand not to try snow board. But now today's mode is not ski but snow board. I changed my mind and join the "Bigginer's class" of Appi snow board school.
It was the day snowing we joined school, with deep fresh snow. It was so hard to try snow board on gentle slope because board wouldn't glide. So our teacher sent us up to the peak by gondola. That made harder.
At the end teacher made us try pole trials, we enjoyed.
Picture with our teacher Ms. Ogiya. We have a discussion about her age that we couldn't ask about. We heard other instructor talked her with respect language, so only thing we can be sure is she is not younger than 22 like a university student. But it was also sure that she looked young.
This can explain how heavy it snowed.
There is a car Lancia Thema under square snow. It must be dug.
A picture on the next day.
We came across our skiing team. We couldn't move together because ski and snow board needs different speed and slope.
Skiing team.
Also today's trend of ski is short one, that is called now blade or fun ski. As your expectations, they use those ski. Short ski makes easy turn but it cannot be accelerated, It's only low speed skiing. So make low air drag!
V sign.
Ms. Satoh she enjoyed I think.

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