97 Suzuka Solar Car Race


97 Solar car race Suzuka EV class

1997.8.8 practice

It was not need to say that "The Shake Down" was held in the circuit. Pit work was so hard and in addition that it was hot in Suzuka.
Changing from the member's AE86 front shock absorber to EV86, because his AE86's shocks were ajustable ones. And his tire was also used for EV86 because he used semi-slick tire with his car. But this work was not difficult.
Using his new tire dunlop D98J
Everything was Ok to run circuit from 5 p.m.
On the truck EV86.
Best lap during practice was 1'27.111. Not bad ,but not enough. Why?
This is why that we had drived too much in Tsukuba in the day we send it to Suzuka. Little energy was left in batteries.


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