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1997.8.5 Shook down at The National Institute for Environmental Studies

Converted EV cannot be the solution to the traffic environmental problems. The reason we had first step on the convert EV, was to learn the structure of EV and also car itself. This research group has its goal to design the future traffic systems. We should know deeper and deeper about EVs not to make our researches impracticable. This EV86/Trueno is our first step to start our researches.

Racing to improve

1998 1997

EV86 Specs.

Base car make Toyota AE86 typeII
year 1984
Dimensions length 4,215mm
width 1,625mm
height 1290mm
Weight Seating Capacity 2 people
Curb weight 1207kg
Performance Range 56.8km
(10Mode, 240V(12*20) model)
Converted fuel consumption 220Wh/km
(10Mode, 240V(12*20) model)
Max Speed 132.1 km/h(test result)
138.0 km/h(gaura's simulation)
Running Performance(0-400m) 23.7 sec.(test result)
23.4 sec.(gaura's simulation)
Motor and Inverter Type AC Induction motor
Max Torque 125NEm
Max Power(3min.) 40 kw(54.4PS)
Max Rev. 6000rpm
Control type PWM Inverter
Module type IGBT
Batteries type Lead - Acid
Current capacity, Voltage 52AhA12V (5 hour)
Amount of capacity / voltage 13.7kWh / 264V
Batteries weight 341kg

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