EV86 Test


EV86 Test

Part 1

97-9-25 Acceleration, Max speed test

During Luciole performance test, We had a chance to measure EV86's performance.
It was also a verification of our simulation programs.
Setting intruments.
Basically we used "Ono-bit" product of Ono Sokki Co. that is a non-contact speed meter, and data logger.
Sensor and lamp unit of Ono-bit was piggybacked. Because this instruments are very expensive, safety arrengements were done. It was just a nylon bond.
Data loggers and Ono-bit processing unit were on the side seat.
Is it needed? We load an extinguisher because of the EV race regulation, we dropped it.
0- 1/4 mile acceleration test. Not forgetting, we measured drives' weights afterward.
And maximum speed test.
We felt easy and satisfied not the test results but the fact we could do the test.

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