Sony's Dassault Falcon 900EX


Case study of luxury vehicle, Dassault Falcon900EX

We went to the air port to see the representative vehicle of "luxury". That is business jet.
Why luxury vehicle? The reason is we should start first step with luxury EV to product to the market.
Why again? For example, "Luciole" is a high performance, high tech. ev but it's small. So people think they should and can buy it with small money. In the future, "Luciole" will be bought with small money. But now it's so expensive that anybody can not make production model of "Luciole".
Prof. Shimizu says start luxury EV like Rolls-Royce. In the past ICV was also luxury vehicle that was not for everybody but only for rich people. So we need to know WHAT IS LUXURY VEHICLE at first.


We could see Dassault Falcon jet 900EX that Sony company has.
Sizes both length and wing span are approximately 20 meters.
In the cockpit
All informations to fly are displayed on CRT in such a "Glass cockpit".
Pilots only command the computer with switches and observe the air plane flys according to their orders. Using the auto pilot function, they do not need to fly with VFR (Visual Flight Rule) any more. In the air, ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) was already there.
Most of all furnitures in the plane are made by mahogany. Glasses are special made not to break. Only thing with which we were familiar was audio set that was Sony's car audio set.
Folding table in the cabin.
Needless to say, it is also made by mahogany. It is nice look and touch.
Cabinet also made by mahogany.
It contains folding seats and facsimile machine. Sorry for dark picture.
Main seat in the cabin made by leather.
It is a reclining seat and it can swing to yaw direction.
In the toilet room
I think gilding is too much. And mirrors would make me nervous while doing.
Even flash switches and paper holder are gilded.
Students picture.
No.2 engine.
Falcon 900 has 3 engine. It's the center one under the tail wing. Black box that has yellow mark is the computer that controls this engine. This jet has also APU (auxiliary power unit). To start the Engine, you must start APU firstable.
No.1 engine
Engine is mounted on only 3 point. 2 points are metal fittings on the side like picking the thumb and forefinger. And another point is in the tail to stop yawing.
Engine being made by carbon composite, the weight of engine is lighter than that of before.


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