Get! MCC SMART (taken to pieces)

Material No. 00e-A for research in this year


It is difficult to distinguish what car it is in case the car is covered. Even though we are the enthusiasts about automobiles, we have difficulties to make out what car it is, in case the car was not imported officially and the car was seen rarely in our country.
This was the case above.
WHAT this car is?
We got MCC Smart as a material for the research in the university from some company making car electric equipments. That was taken pieces because the company had used it. We couldn't carry as one vehicle, so we need another car to carry parts of Smart. We borrowed minivan actually Toyota Estima that our professor has.
The campany locates almost center of main island in Japan. We live in the east of Japan about 500km far from that campany. It was a little trip to carry Smart.
After we got Smart, we went to year's first visit to the "Ise" shrine. "Ise" shrine is the main branch of the Shinto religion. Visitation to "Ise" we call "O-Ise-Mairi" is the blessing for us. It was augury of good during this year that we could visit "Ise". Umm..too much, I agree.
"Ise"'s specialty is "akafuku" kind of rice dumpling covered with bean jam. It is good for souvenir, but eating "Akafuku" in Ise will be the souvenir story.
We ate them.
Why not?
Tea served there was also good. In addition it was the best thing in the cold winter day.
We saw the complete Smart that wasn't taken pieces in the rest area of "Tomei" express way. It was the first time everyone,except I, saw the complete Smart. I drived Smart before at the P-start meeting. Took pictures.
I think Smart is the commuter vehicle for the city drive, it is too hard to drive Smart on such a express way like "Tomei". Only 600cc engine, it is made by mercedes but even being not better than Japanese Mini-car standard 660cc for example Daihatsu, Suzuki, Honda, and etc.
Next day in the morning about 3AM, we got to the campus. After a poor sleep, we put down Smart in the new research facilities of Yokohama city that we will use from this March.
You see this Smart has not door. That's right. We don't have door. And regretfully, it is a big problem that we don't have the steering shaft also. This Smart is already used for research in the company, being taken to pieces.
Anyone know how to get these parts? It is not easy to get parts of Smart, because of parallel imported car.
Being Put down, Smart was hunted for by students.
That is our work... half of those. Another half is our gusto. No sweat for enthusiasts about automobiles to hunt for over the vehicle.
Introduction of Dr. Ohmae from tokyo university who will start teaching in our university from this spring.
He should prepare himself. He is fated to go along with us. It may be terrible sometimes... to go with such an EV guys.


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