Cray model Wind tunnel test


Cray model wind tunnel test


Based on our own "Image Stories", we made 1/10 scale model made of cray. At first we made core of the model used foam polystyrene as material. And then model.
Takasaki's model.
We chose 1/10 scale model because we could use redio control car parts for example Tamiya.
We rented wind tunnel that is used in racing car development in Tokyo R&D known as one of the racing car constructor.
Heater cannot use in the wind tunnel laboratory, so it was very cold during experiment. While the temperature was kept stable.
Honda's model.
Hunged 3 points, one in front and 2 others in rear, and pulled 2 points in front and rear. We observed drag force, down force or lift force.
Somebody is making model at the lab!
Cray modeling is very hard and time consuming work.
completely novel design.
How it can drive?
Preparing my model.
I couldn't make tire position fixed, because model core design was not good. This wind tunnel equipped moving belt device, so tire must not move at all.
Control system was OLD pc-9801 system that was standard system in Japan before MS-DOS can use Japanese language.
And sleepy..
My model.
I made smooth surface by underlay. Can you see the brilliance?
Ohnisi's model
His model had best quality. It seemed like that it could use as prototype for radio control car's body.
Resetting the wires was vey trouble, because each models ware different in size and style.


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