KAZ Keio Advanced Zero-emission

Keio Advanced Zero-Emission vehicle


19th Jan. 2002 at K-square Town Campus, Kawasaki

"Porta Nuova" - Open the New Door for Our Future

KAZ is a high performance and highly functional vehicle compared with a conventional ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle thanks to the development of new component technologies and system technologies. KAZ was designed from the ground up and has, therefore, not been converted from an ICE vehicle, making the design of the body very flexible.
KAZ uses three innovative component technologies. The Lithium-Ion battery was the most important in order to supply a high energy and high power to KAZ. The Intelligent Power Module (IPM) was useful to make inverters with low energy loss and of a compact size. The motors realised with Nd-Fe Rare Earth magnets are highly efficient, with high torque and high-speed with a compact size.

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