Luciole Equipments


About Equipments


"Luciole"'s head lights are discharged type called HID.
It makes good visuability because it is very bright and light's frequency is near sun light. And it is important that energy consumption is low. It's an energy saving head lights.
Solar cells are on the roof and rear wing.
These cells generate electricity a year to drive 1000km.
Stop lights are LED type that are also energy saving.
Low rolling friction tire is special for Luciole.
This is developed by Toyo tire. Low rolling friction makes its range longer.
Luciole No.2 is painted bi-color called mutant color.
Purple clear is on the base green. It looks change like mutate in condition of lights.
Battery energy meter instead of fuel meter integrates energy consumption. Battery voltage cannot sign energy left in the batteries accurately.


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