Low Emission Vehicle Fair 98


Low Emission Vehicle Fair 98


"Low Emission Vehicle Fair" was held in Yoyogi Tokyo. This event is held every year.
Not only EVs but NLG, NPG, Methanol, Hybrid vehicles were exhibited.

In this picture, Japan ev club's event to rebuilt (re-convert) mini-truck ev.

Installing electric motor.
All works to convert was videoed to relay so that audience could see them.
Luciole No.2. for exhibition. No.1 was for test drive.
In May, ultraviolet rays are so strong to suntan well. A kind of "Well-Done".
Press camera-mans came to take pictures. It's a model work. Don't do paticular face, don't be nurvous, just giveme a smile
Yoyogi and also Harazyuku are famous for the place for young people in holiday. Many young couples came, it was Saturday.
Luciole is popular among ladies because of its style. They say cute.
Also popular among kids.
Good shot.
In the Future when he grows up, it will be the time of EVs.


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