Kyoto Low Emission Vehicle Fair


Kyoto Low Emission Vehicle Fair

97/12/6 - 7

During COP3 held in Kyoto, "kyoto low emission vehicle fair" was held.
It was biggest event than any other events that had ever held in Japan.
As assistants students came to exhibition and test drive.
Luciole were dirty while transported, firstly students washed and waxed it to display.
Made it beautiful enough to display.
No.2 Luciole was for test drive.
It was disappointing that course was too short and tight to test drive. But many people wanted to drive Luciole even there was long queue.
Soon they must do a U-turn.
I wish the police could permite to use public road for test drive.
In the hall, panel session called "Talk Rally" was held.
In other room, presentations was held by p-start project that is organized with citizens kind of EV enthusiasts.
Sporty EV group's presentation.
Presentation about independent torque control using paper model.
Presentation about new type suspension that suit EVs. That make better space utilities.


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