Luciole tire test


Tire test


Changed Wheel and Tire

Test about changed wheel size and new trial producted tire. It was held in Toyo tire's test course in Miyazaki pref. This is one of the oldest test course in Japan.
Can you see the difference?
Slalom test
Evaluate handling.
And Luciole No.2 car. We could compare one with the other luciole to evaluate difference of setting.
No.2 has more soft suspension.
Wider wheel rim.
We changed only wheel.
Auto journalist Mr. Tateuchi came there.
He explained the vehicle's posture of rolling.
We drived one after another. We students drived last.
Prof. Shimizu drived Toyota Aristo to compare with usual IC vehicle.
Evaluation could be different because of testers' taste. No.1 Luciole's feeling was like a GT-car,and No.2 was soft and seemed to be good in city drive.
Changed prototype tire. It was new one.
It was hot.
We had the chance to experience pro driver's tire test. Test car was Toyota Supra. Pro tire tester had drived so hard that I had muscular pain of neck later.
Our semi-pro driver he drives in the freshman race tested next.
Then return to Tsukuba.
Good night Luciole!


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