Luciole apeared on television

Luciole appeared on TV very popular news program "News Station". 30th April on air, recording was 20th April. It was Special because the anchorman Mr.Kume himself reported about Luciole.
Technical stuffs prepared onboard CCD camera.
We students was the security stuff. There were small number of students because of no lecture day. But it cannot be a joke that someone had running over by Luciole.
This is Honda EV Plus. In America it is already on sale but in Japan we cannot buy yet.
This is the conversion 1 seat truck "Mizet II". There is "trush box" on the rear that contains battery charger.
The last one EV bug. This is also conversion. Anyone drives latest cars will be surprised its breaks because of no assist originally. It is "Natural break", but too heavy.

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