Luciole Test


Luciole Test

Part 1


This time, Luciole got stabilizer with front and rear. We found when we had test in May that the bad point with the vehicle setting was too much rolling, so we installed stabilizer with its suspension to reduce rolling length.
Students looking at stabilizer.
At the beginning, slalom test.
And No.2 car test.
No.2 car has not stabilizer, so we can find the difference.
Hearing "Pro" driver's advices.
No.2 car has "Ono-bit" on its behind that is the non-contact speed meter made by "Ono-Sokki".
As No.2 Car has number plate, this car has registered. But because we couldn't have its crush test, this registration is limited. Limitation is that this car must have leading car on the public road.
Charging batteries.
No.1 car has changed its stabilizer to change another suspension setting.
No.1 Luciole had test again.


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