Luciole had suspension tune-up

Small width, small tread causes large rolling because of lever ratio. It means Luciole needs hard suspension. This time Luciole had test to tune its suspension in Tsukuba.
So we can see the inverters full in the trunk, we cannot load anything in this space. Prof. Shimizu said next car put inverters also in BBF.
Changing Shocks.
We can see the In-Wheel Motor before the break drum. Wheel size is 13 inches, so break drum must be smaller than 13inches, and motor is hiding before break drum. Imagine the motor size?
We standed Corns and had slalom test. Large rolling but for the drivers "Rolling Speed" is more important. Differential calculus I say (but I am not good at this thing).
The "Pro" test driver could say directly what he felt. And advised point to improve. This is professional.
Changed shock absorbers, tires and air pressuers.
Beautiful sight.
I drived this test course. The first time to drive test course's bank, it was fun because the sight got slant.
Solar cells on the rear tail.
Luciole has 80W solar cells on it roof and tail and charging batteries. Only 80W but this cells make energy to run 1000km a year. But don't park Luciole under roof. Luciole needs sun.

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