AT Swap!


Transmission SWAP!

AT was broken before total odometer went to 140,000 km.
So, swap it by myself!

The only place I can swap the AT was our laboratory, where there were hand tools, air tools, and even overhead crane.
Because it was my private work, I keep my integra behind test vehicle...
And, swap work had been carried.
In this scene, AT was already put off. Major barrier was the exhaust pipe bolt which was firmly fixed because of heat and rust.
Torque converter was put off.
It seemed like iron lidded pan. I heard that several times, and saw in the book illustration. But it was first time I saw the real one.
Recyclable used AT which I bought.
Its tag said it had belonged Integra ZX of 48,000 km mileage, which had been discared because the front crash. The handling of cables and hosepipes were good, what's why I bought it from recycle auto parts shop.
Broken original AT.
Its parts number was M48A made at Hamamatsu factory of Honda. The number of AT I bouht was S48A made at Suzuka factory. Parts number was changed.
I swaped starter motor and mount brace from this broken AT.
Parts temporary put off.
And air-con compressor which I also changed.
Drive plate, engine output where torque converter was connected. There were eight small bolts to connect which were fasten from service hole. This was hard work because it needed muscular strength to rotate the crank pulley.
ZC engine with single-cam 16 valves.
There are 2 genealogy in DC integra family. My integra DC1 belongs to 100 series. And second series 110 where type-R belongs. 110 series DC1 also used ZC single-cam, but head cover was different. And I found from parts book that transmission case was also changed from second series DC1.
I put off its lower suspension arm because I didn' have a ball joint puller.
DC2 includes Type-R has intermidiate shaft to make drive shaft isometory. DC1 doesn't have it, so left shaft is longer.
Short parts which I bought at Honda dealer.
Original and New (used) torque converters.
I had thought I can use original one because it didn't broken. But when I saw this, I changed my mind. Original one which had over 130,000 mileage was burned like sun tan. It was good chance to change the torque converter.
Off board work was done.
I had heard that Honda's AT needs the genuine AT fluid, third party AT fluid may break AT even it suited DEXRON-III. So I bought Honda's "Ultra ATF". Actually its name was changed to "Ultra ATF-Z1". This genuine ATF costs \4,200 per 4 litter can. I needed 2 cans.
Then, assemble them.
I started from at noon, and this assemble work finished at 1:30 am. And engine warming, fluid adjustment, test run, and cleaning of lab. It was 3:30 am when everything finished.
AT swap is hard work if you have no assistance.


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