An AWD vehicle rear-ended me


An AWD vehicle rear-ended me....
Rear Crash It came suddenly.
It was occur on 8th August. While in western country, the number "8" means bad luck, in Japan the number of "8" is luckey number.
In any case, the day "8th August" was not good for me and my Micra. It was when I drove through route-14 on a quater past seven in the morning, the accident occured.

The place of the accident was in front of Dennys. When I stoped following an ahead vehicle because of a signal. Bang...! The sound was big. Nowadays urethane bumper makes big sound when it was only chafed on surface, so I had small hope, but in vain.
The opponent car was AWD vehicle, Nissan X-Trail. The height of the bumper is different.

So Rear gate became hollow. My micra got an accident record. But fortunately, I myself had no injury especially in my neck. In many case when a driver got rear end hit, his/her neck gets injury. Maybe the reason was that I was an american football player at university. Another reason may be my micra substituted for me.
Rear gate catch was pushed into front, it cannot be locked. So I must taped with parcel tape on the way back. I wished that micra could be repaired without rain leak. Though I was reminded that my Integra hatch had leak without any rear accident. Oh, Don't mind..

Shiro Matsugara