ETC -Electronic Toll Collection


ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System)

DIU3500 In Japan, ETC has become widespread. It was said that Japanese system has a problem. On-board equipments were very expensive, because it needed two-way active communication on 5.8GHz DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication). But now on-board equipments become affordable. a cost per vehicle starts from 100US. And some incentive campaign has been done. So I bought one for my micra, Denso's DIU-3500.
ANTENA Previously, I bought ETC for my father's car, which was also Denso's DIU-3200. It's antena was bigger than micra's because its antena was designed to set on the dash. DIS-3500's antena designed to attach on the windscreen. It looks smart!

Shiro Matsugara