Speed meter swap into that for Autech's 12SR



Speed meter swap into that for Autech's 12SR
12SR's meter March ,which is Japanese name of Micra, that's base grade 12c has speed meter without tachometer. That is because most customers select automatic gear in Japanese market. We can know the engine revolution speed even stick shift car by gear and vehicle speed (or sound). But I think it leaves something to be desired. I thought I could add PIVOT, Omori, or Defi meter, but these were not smart, just I thought. So, I bought tuned Autech 12SR's meter, which has tachometer in net auction. This meter was packed in NISMO's package, because ex-owner changed into NISMO's white meter.
Original meter Speed meter of today recieves not pulse but CAN. So, third pary tachometer is not fit for my Micra. Changing to 12SR's meter (or NISMO) is the best way to add tachometer. Problem is that changing meter by "DIY" make my car "mileage unkown". It make me disbenefit when selling my micra as a used car, but I don't mind. Original trip meter indicated 24575km, that was reseted to only 9km.
12SR's meter Then, I changed by myself.
Only tool I needed was Phillips-head screw driver. That was very easy.
12SR's meter And, finished.

Size of each meter became small, that makes it something sporty (but brassy...) 12SR's red zone starts from 7,000 rpm. Needless to say, without engine tuning, mine has a rev-limit at 6,000 rpm.

Shiro Matsugara