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23rd Dec. Practice at FISCO

It was rain. Not so hard.
But we had to adjusted shocks to rain situation.
I have license to run in FISCO circuit. But I have never run in FISCO, I never think I am race driver. I heard that friends run Toyota EP71 race car in FISCO, so I thought it was a chance to use my license.
Do you find that this Toyota EP71 is different from I had uploaded pictures before. Different color. They changed its body part. Another way to say, they installed engine they had used in EP71 before to another EP71 that is used in dart race.
Also changed engine plugs.
Took picture for the new year card that is like Christmas cards.
The van, Honda.
Honda on Toyota.
It was getting foggy. I had a bad hunch.
Practice started.
It was so cold that he cannot stop shiver.
Running on straight.
And It was so cold that my digital camera's battery also shiver. So my pictures ended.

19th Dec. A year end party and Crossed Tokyo-Bay

The last activity in this year, we had a year end party.
This time, we got gorgeous party with "Sukiyaki" nabe. There are 400g meat for one person, we had too much. And it was bad for us that these people are not puctual.
These guys freshmen need shout to eat more ... to be big men?
Aaaa...and the nearest man is not ... fresh.
After eat, we went to Tokyo Aqua-Line that cross the tokyo bay from Kawasaki Kanagawa pref. to Kisarazu Chiba pref. that is opened to traffic the day before that yesterday.
From Kawasaki 10km tunnel. Straight way from the beginning until we get up the water. We couldn't go fast because of the new road that we don't know anything about.
In the island named "Umi Hotaru" made artificially in the bay, we got picture.
"Umi Hotaru" is the parking area designed like a big ship. If you want go there, want to drive Tokyo Aqua-Line, the charge is 4,000 yen. Too expensive to use easily. Maybe it's good for sightseeing bumpkins to Tokyo. Actually we were also the sightseeing ones.
In the upper deck there are bronze dogs. In the dark be careful not to stumble. And do not fxxx them.
There is museum.
You can see how to make this road, tunnels islands and bridges.

10th Sep. Practice at FISCO Fuji International Speed Way

We entry "Fuji Freshman's Race" EP71 class. This time, the third driver Noumi drived EP71. Before the race, he must practice drive on FISCO circuit.
After practice, some incident being occured, these pictures are the last shoot.
Good job running FISCO's long long straight.
because of practice, many kind of cars running together. after the EP71, there was white NSX. But because very expenseive car, it was not so fast. Any accident make big expense with the Alminum body. Formura car was very fast even 1600cc engine.
Checking air pressure.
These works are very important in the race.
Driver Noumi.
It it not need to say the most important is driver.
Engine room.
Party was over!

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