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3rd July Star Festival

This year star festival in SFC was held 3rd July. After star festival we SSS members went to Daikoku P.A. OBs came.
This is the "NEW" Mazda roadster(Miata).
And, This is RX-7. Many Mazda guys among us.
Daikoku P.A.
Low riders paradice(?).
P.A. is near Daikoku wharf. These pectures make me think it is exporting cars.
One of our OBs came with his wife.
Nothing special. Talked about one thing and another.
He was near run over.

3rd July Color version

The same day.
I changed color film. You can see how the kimono Japanese wear was.
Is there something wrong?
This miata is new car deliveried the last week.
Title " Mazda and Honda"??
This is right. His name is Honda.

17th July Final meeting

The last meeting of 98 first semester.
At that time only 4 member came.
We mede magazine cover picture. They are "Cover Boy"???
Everybody in picture.
Oh I fogot myself.

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