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Drive! Drive! Drive!

We are Sfc Spear-Spirits motor Club.
We love motor sprots, winding roads, racing circuits, car engineering ,and EVs. SSS regular activity is meeting at dinner, and drive on the mountain EVERY Tuesday and Friday. But remember we are NOT hotrodders.

12th July night

Most of member 12th July were OBs, because of examinations. Students must study. Oh I am still student, forget.
Driving thier own cars, five participatants five cars. Four cars in this picture, AE86 was running down the mountain. Each car has painted primary colors, white, blue, red, and black. No metalic color.
Rest on the top of the mountain. It was no so cool. It was so clear sky that we could see the Milky-Way. Great time to Sky watching.
But everyone male members, it was no good to look up the sky long time. Soon we returned to our regular conversation, for example "the tire is so poor", "Something is wrong. I must change the senser."etc.
All cars but my car were tuned. Integra type R is tuned by Honda, Mazda MX-5 miata many parts are also tuned. AE86 has roll cage, circuit spec, and Mazda 323 had changed shocks and suspensions.
Only my integra is not "sport". Automatic transmission, not disk breaks but drum breaks. My car is the only car without front brace. I want front tower brace at least.

5th July The Star Festival

The Star Festival , we call "Tanabata", is held 7th July. This year, 7th July was Sunday, so our campus had festival friday.
SSS opened fleamarket, selling 4point seat belts, car audio, car plastic models, steering wheel and so on FOR almost FREE. We mistook "flea" and "free" maybe.
What I was disapointed is it was terrible weather.
It was taken in front of Media-center in our campus. Something is wrong. I consider there was an unsuitable object among these subjects.
Question:Who is the man left?
One people who answer correctly will recieve FC3S mazda RX-7 (broken) from that man.(lying)
We have Racing car, freshman-race ford festiva. This picture was taken because of the project "Girls and Race Car". At the Star Festival we wear Yukata, kind of KIMONO, only girls who wear Yukata can be taken a picture.
We have few female members, so it was difficult to carry out this project.
I think it is important that we have another project to invite girls to SSS.
This is also the project "Girls and Race Car."
Now we have invitation of female members. Girls who want to drive, who like cars, who want to improve driving techniques! Come here Tuesday and Friday.
And who want guy is Ok Maybe.

July, day I forget H parking near the campus

Minority turned majority.
Members who had big powered car were minority, but now who have over 200 HP is not uncommon. These guys drive NISSAN Skyline GTS-t that trained by RB20DET IL-6 2.0l DOHC turbo engine. Great car, great power, great hi-tech! I envy.
But black one has problem with HICAS system,that is 4 wheel steering system. Sometimes Hi-tech causes trouble.

Day I forget FISCO

This is preparation for FUJI Freshman Race. It was Sunday, but not sunny day. It was foggy before noon, afternoon it was no problem.
Before start, we checked tires and engine and so on. Front left suspension had problem, but no chance to repair. The morment "GUTS" pause.
On the course. It seems stopping, because of shutter speed.
There were many fast cars,for example Toyota AE101, NISSAN GT-R it was almost normal. Our festiva was outrun outrun outrun,but I don't care. Other class in the race.
Who is scattering tools?
NO!! It's me!

4th June Miyagase Kanagawa

4th June at mid night. We had rest after driving.
Miyagase is a big dam. The roads around the dam, it's like a circuit, really big one. Someone pretends a Le Man's race pilot, so be careful SPEEDING!!

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