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18th July the last meeting of the semester

The last meeting of the spring semester.
Meeting is always held at "Tea room KINOKO". This picture should be the cover page of the idol magazine, because of their pauses.
What they are looking?
Watching TV?
I remember that 14 year boy who murderd neighbor 10 year boy was arrested that day. Nobody can believe that.
Last shot of the meeting
lack of lights.
And last drive of the semester.
We went to Hakone as usual.
Drifting-drivig, can you see that? Picture cannot tell you well.

2nd March at Convenience store

I don't remember what we had done that friday. After returned from Kyoto, we were so tired that we want to eat ice cream. And it was true that ice cream was discounted.
eating ice cream.
I have nothing to say about this.

29th April "One day Kyoto Touring"

29th April is a national holiday. "Midori no hi"(the day of celebrate green) As Kobe touring that we had in March, it was "one day touring" going and comding back over 1000km.
Enjoyed center of Kyoto city, we went up "Syogun Tsuka" which is a hill we can see all over Kyoto.
Good sight. Little smoggy.
We spent time there. We were all sleepy because we had driven all night.
Searching where to go next. There is famous movie theme park in Kyoto, but it was too late to go. Because of "one day touring" we were so tired that we wanted spa like we wanted it in Kobe time.
Playing catch.
Being seated ourselves all night, we needed take littile exercise.
We went spa resort named "paradise inn" Otsu Shiga Prefecture. There were many "SUPER Classic" coin games, we enjoyed.
This is a picture seal machine name is "Print Club" which is very popular amoung high school girls. They say it PURIKURA and changing picture seals with their friends.
They Tried it.

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