EV School 1st

EV Hand Craft School 1st Report


EV School had the goal to convert Mazda MX-5 miata to EV miata.
Last school, we had SHAKE-DOWN our EV Miata at Mazda's Yokohama Lab.

The man center is the promoter of this EV school, Tadashi Tateuchi. He is a motor journalist, we call him "EV Master".
People polishing our EV miata, wiring batteries and controller. Works are always done by groups.
"Something is wrong. Wiring is correct. What happened?"
Though works were finished, EV Miata didn't move. Couldn't find what was wrong, we tried to change controller.
Later we found the acceleralor's micro switch had broken. Safety circuit operated.
Repaired EV Miata.
The order to ride Miata was decided by drawing. We could drive only in the Lab., because Miata had not registored. So short drive exactly, but Long drive I felt. Everyone full accelarated Miata though small road in the Lab. There was only controller's PWM chopper sound , there was no sound of B6 engine. It was strange.
Cameras, cameras, cameras.
It was the first time that 50 people convert EV and drive. Many press people came there.
Loading 30 batteries is too heavy for Miata's suspension. So EV Miata came to low-rider miata. But I think low-ride miata is good in shape.
When all people drive EV Miata, it was dark because of acceralator's accident. Miata has also 12V system for head lights.
Graduate ceremony.
After ceremony, we drive EV bike, ES600 scooter, and US Electricar Sedan. Electricar Sedan based Geo Prizm(Toyota Sprinter), so there was nothing outside. But great driving feel. It was my first experience to drive left handle car, right handle in Japan like England. Drived center of the road.


Shiro Matsugara