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EV86 Conversion

Part 1

97-7-19 Conversion start - Putting down the Engine

At first, we don't need the gasoline engine. At the beginning we put down the engine toyota 4AG. We bought tools and overalls, and we could start work in the afternoon.
4AG-E put down
The base car we bought didn't have broken engine. It functions. Needless to say not perfectly because it made 1984, is a 13 year old car. 4AG functions but we don't need it any more.
Jack up on the rigid rack. Because of low down suspension, we must jack up to juck up. To big garage jack set at rear axle , we had to jack up at the side.
Starting late, it had got dark when we could hang the engine. We had plan that we put down the engine the first day. It didn't work. It was so dark that we could not see.
Hanging 4AG. 4AG is a compact 1600cc DOHC engine. But it is not so compact that we put it down by manpower. If you don't use the engine, dig a hole on the ground, put down the engine, and bury it like a cat.

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