EV Conversion


EV86 Convert


97-7-20 assemble temporary motor, clutch disk,transmission, etc

In this conversion, we used transmission of original and other driving parts after transmission. So we had to make motor to transmission adopter.
Usually motor output shaft is conncted by mechanical key, in this conversion we used locking parts name is 'power lock' that locks output shaft and adopter with enough torque.
We had no experience to do a machine work. So we did.
At first welding. It radiates a lot of lights and ultravioletrays.
Next a lathe.
We operated one by one. We made a hole in iron material. This parts we made is set between motor adopter and flywheel. What having in hand is a cooling oil.
Return to the conversion work, we installed motor to the vehicle. Motor is so heavy that we must use crane just like we uninstalled engine.
Installing motor.
We did not make motor mount, this was temporary install. Another word we must install temporary to make motor mount parts.
It was not easy to install motor because transmission axle couldnot fit into the hole of clutch disk. Swinged it, after some try we made it.

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