FISCO Fuji Jamboree '97


FISCO Fuji Jamboree '97

Classic & EV Race

The only EV speed race in the east of Japan. Originally, Fuji jumboree is a classic car meeting. But now it has also EV race.
Because FISCO is our home circuit, we brought EV86 to the checking pit as usual. But official men had confused face, "AE86 is no classic car" that's right. EV class's check was held in the usual pit. After we bring our EV to our room, officials came. I had never heard that.
The Check was end with no problem
It was easy, because officials knew less information about EVs than us. They checked driving suit, helmet, extingusher and etc, and said OK.
Took pictures on the starting grid.
In the case of EV class, Formula based EV like ZERO-1, stock EV like EV86, and EV racing kart run together. It was dangerous.
Then we came back to the pit lane. You can see Capccino EV that is based Suzuki's mini sport car with turbo charged 660cc engine.
Standing start.
It was the race without qualify.
It's interesting.. karts and stocks and formula type run together. It cannot be in the IC vehicle case.
EVs disappered into 1 corner.
The variety of the car, variety time they came back.
Without noise, it was different from that FISCO is usually. And classic cars make big noise.
EV86 run front straight.
But we heard the sound of drift driving...
And the goal.
Because batteies were empty, contacter was drop many times. Contacter's drop.. restart.. drop..restart... , then we had checker flag.
Return to the pit space.
Batteries were empty, we must push.


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