Comparison with Smart


Comparison with Smart

Photo by Mr.Kikuchi

Smart and Luciole.
We had a chance to compare these two vehicles when the p-start meeting was held. These two cars are designed to be small, two seated, and high energy efficiency. But look at these two. Concepts are not same, quite different.
At first let's compare these dimensions. Luciole was designed to match the Japanese regulation of "mini car" that makes tax benefits for users. Smart can also adapt this regulation with only small modification, make rear tread narrow 1,480mm, and actually this modifications are done to Smart imported by parallel importers.
(mm) Smart Luciole
length 2,500 3,295
width 1,515 1,200
height 1,529 1,335

In the view of performance, Smart has I.C. engine that makes 40kW/80Nm. Then Luciole has great running performance, because it has 72kW/154Nm with two in-wheel motors. But I agree that Smart has enough power to use in city drive.
Now in Japan Smart is not imported officially. So the price of Smart in Japan is very high about 2,000,000 yen, that is almost double of European's price 10,000 Euro.
Official imports are announced. I am looking forward the day to see Smart everywhere in Japan.
Front view.
Here we can find cultures of vehicle design. Difference between these two faces are remarkable. Smart is European, and Luciole is Asian, isn't it?
With this view from the front, it looks different scale or perspective. Acctually it's not.
Side view.
We can find Smart's length 2.5m is very short. And overhangs are also short. It makes easy operation to do a parallel parking. I saw so many people in Italy pushing other's car with bumper to park. It cannot be seen in Japan. That's also cultural difference!
Smart's Interior.
Cute, lovely, fashionable, and not gorgeous at all like SWATCH watch. It is sure glass roof is good for the climate of Europe, but it makes a green house in Japan.
Flocking around Smart
Auto-enthusiasts huddled to the 3 cylinder turbo engine. They like not only electric but I.C. engine also.


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