The Vehicle to Space


STS: The Vehicle to Space

I got a chance to go to see the Space Shuttle in Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Florida as a student reporter of Yomiuri Shimbun Newspaper that has the most biggest circulation in Japan.
I saw most of KSC's facilities, launch processes and an orbiter vehicle Atlantis(OV-104). My report was published on 30th March 2000 in national issuies. Added to this my photo I shot astronauts and Saturn V was printed on the paper. It was my debut as cameraman.
So I made special pages for STS named "the Vehicle to Space" in GAura dot Com. At this time I have only a diary of my report in STS-101 mission. But I want to add a contents for space vehicle, because I love this ultimate vehicle. Next time I will get a chance to see the shuttle lauch that I couldn't see.



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