Wind Tunnel Test! Revenge!


Wind Tunnel Test Again!

18th June. 2001

I had rarely participated in the class of undergrad. One reason is I was in Italia. After I was released from the life of Italia, I had never attend the class. But because I heard that they would have the wind tunnel test, I decided to make my cray model again after 4 years period.
The wind tunnel was same as 97's test. But Tokyo R&D had improved their facility. While wind tunnel itself was not so changed, instruments and software for the measurements were improved very much. Among the improvements, the best was "Air-conditioned" room. In 1997 it was very cold.
Start measuring,
Same as the last time, one model for one student. Different from the last time, they made design sketches. Last time, we wrote stories.
Measured coefficient can be monitored in the screen. It displays coefficient for drag and lifts. Lifts were divided 3 point, one in front and two in rear section.
Students who had experienced last wind tunnel test graduated from our university. Though some guys including me didn't leave. Most of students have first experience to make a wind tunnel test.
Time consuming work before the test is setting wire to hung the model. Instruction had been made to settle the hung point, actually it didn't work well. They were adjusting their wire.
Model making is improved. We had terrible models last time.
This can be called "the evolution theory of research group", maybe.
Position control was made from PC commands. Last time it was made manually. Frankly speaking, manual control was better because PC was set in the next room.
Changing the model.
Measuring does not takes so much time, setting models does take time.
Theme was "Make a proper design for a electric vehicle", was not "Improve Cd". So design shows strong individuality.
Hung points were one in front and two in rear. And model was pulled from front and rear to fix the position by lead weights. Also it had to be anchored from side and side.
And my model.
I made it using examples from KAZ 's other designs. It became a very big vehicle which have 7 meter length, 2 meter width, and 1.75 meter height. Because the vehicle is big, the force is also big. But Cd result was very good, 0.24.
Aerodynamic parts were added to improve Cd. I also made them using the example from the parts made in the wind tunnel of KAZ. Though it is not good looking, it works.


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